Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lonely Gypsy

It's an annoying night.

I have been horny all day - I woke up next to my metal god after a night of hot sex and all I wanted to do was get down there and give him head like I did around 1 in the morning (With both hands occupied, straddling his leg and grinding against it - at least until he forced me to lie back for some reciprocation). No could do, he had to go to work. Ugh.

So I went and played with the kittens.
And I went and checked my email and such.
And I went and visited my brother.
And my brothers uncle came home so I had to go.
And I came home and online.

All the while, thinking about how much I love the noises he makes when I give him head, jacking him off while concentrating on the head, taking him all the way in, his hands tangle in my hair, at least one hand squeezing and playing with his balls the entire time. Thinking about how much I love it when he kisses his way down my chest, and then goes to town on me, fingers thrusting into me hard as my clit gets a thorough tongue-lashing, and a damned good nibbling, and my hands wind up tangled in his hair, and then he's inside me, thrusting, making me try to keep quiet - my parents are in the next room - and it's so hard and he's so hard and I'm so wet...And I wind up on top and I take control - not for long, but I do tie his wrists, not well enough apparently since he breaks free but long enough to get him to answer some orders to tell me how I feel, every inch of me.

Apparently, it's fantastic.

However, I think I need to do even more kegels.

Or it's just really difficult to concentrate on actually squeezing hard when that man is hitting g-spot.

Damn that lad, telling me to squeeze harder for him when he's intentionally making it more difficult. I really should assume full dom mode just to spank him for that.


I got a wee bit sidetracked there. ^^;

But anyhow, I came home. I came online.
I read my favourite sex blogs, came across a couple new ones, browsed toy sites (anyone who gets me this for Christmas might be a lucky lad or lassie - Chances are, that lucky will be a lad, and that particular lad, seeing as he's getting them from me anyhow, will get one heckuva good blowjob)...Got myself off multiple times...

Ramble at Best Friend on sex-related topics until he has to go (The urgency makes me hope he was going to go get laid, bad though it sounds, the knowledge of Best Friend getting laid makes me as horny as my metal god does. I like when people get off).

And my fiance gets online and then offline and then online again and...Does not have the desired reaction to my statements of horniness.

I was looking for at least some good cyber-foreplay, if not cybersex itself.

He was just not there.