Thursday, August 16, 2007


So, I faded out of this blog for a while, and I assure you, there is a perfectly good reason for that!

That reason?

On June sixth, I found myself with a boyfriend. Not a boy for me to toy with, to fuck senseless and eventually walk away from like the other boys I've had relations with this year, but an actual boyfriend, and the first man I've loved since Hunter.

It'll be three months in September. Our relationship moved very fast into sex, although slower than my others. We fell in love very fast and we are very committed to each other. I am permitted to have my girls, something I could never give completely up, and should he ever get the chance to get any of the men he'd like to sex, he's allowed them. He can have my girls too if he so desires, considering I get them first...And if I'm doing them I see no reason for me to complain about him doing them...But from what I know, he has no desire to have them.

We're taking our sweet time with opening up sexually completely, I don't know all his fantasies and...He doesn't know a lot beyond my kink, a few of my past partners, and my bisexuality. And my blood fetish.

I did turn him on to vibrators! ...When I'm using them...

And he made a comment Wednesday in Spencers that I interpreted as interest in anal. I am hoping my interpretation was correct...He did express willingness to fuck while on my period...

Either this man is very tight-lipped on his fantasies or I'm just that damned hot. <_<

The other week there was a party, I spent most of it making out with this lovely girl J. J and I have been flirting for MONTHS...Constant suggestion that we wind up in bed together. I am hoping this happens someday soon, she's absolutely gorgeous and I want to make her feel amazing.

I am getting a job ASAP, I'm excited because I'm applying at sex shops! I want to work around the sex industry, it's been one of my dreams for years.

I am also on my thirteenth day of quitting smoking for good! I feel absolutely fantastic.