Monday, September 24, 2007

Ramblings and such.

So I tried out that lube last night, and it was gooood. Nice and slick and it stayed moist for a lot longer than I usually do with that particular toy.

Next test subject: My boyfriend's cock.

I have now realized that I have yet to do as I keep intending to and blathered on about his cock, so I will say now - It is fucking amazing.

Perfect length (About 7 inches), perfect girth (The same as my favourite vibe without the waves...Obviously), and he works it well. The taste of his skin drives me insane with desire, I could give him head for hours and never complain about my jaw getting sore simply because I'd want too much to make him hold onto my hair and make those small noises that tell me I'm doing good, for him to thrust to the back of my throat, to hold his hips to the bed as I take him all the way in myself, to taste his sweet, salty cum filling my waiting mouth.

Just thinking about it makes me want him even more right now.

I also really currently have this urge to dominate someone...


Jim Gagged said...Reply to comment

You had an urge to dominate someone - damn why couldn't this have been this year!!