Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still no handjobs...

...But the lube works amazing for anal. Just the right amount of slick for me, nice and smooth and easy - It's almost always easier for me than for other girls, it seems, but the additional bit of easy makes it even better, since I don't require the period of slow thrusting with lots of lube involved. Which means I get it as I like it.

And finally I get a finger up the ass. I swear, if I were an anal virgin it'd kill me, but considering the first time I had anal, it was lubeless, condomless, and painful, with very little pre-play, almost anything feels heavenly by comparison. My second experience with it involved a tongue, a few fingers, and a lubed condom, and being allowed to take my sweet time getting used to it - I did, and found my preferred anal position in the process. For the curious, that usually begins with me in pretty much fetal position, where I can breathe slowly and relax myself as he enters, slowly getting used to it, and gradually unfurling into doggy as I get both more relaxed and faster with my movements. And then anal went on hiatus. For months. And then he brought it up and I brought up my having experience with it and enjoying it, and, well, now I'm a happy girl with a cock in my ass. Not right now, of course (Would I be typing if I was getting laid? I should hope not!), but usually.

Happy, I am. Every session our sex life gets even better. We tried standing sex, but that didn't work as well as we may have liked. Another time. We've all our lives to try everything, after all.

Also, he got a whip. I love it. The way it hits my cunt...I was twitching from orgasm within a few hits. He better use it again. Oh, he better. I can't go for long without a good beating, after all. *g*