Monday, November 19, 2007

These days...

I had a post.

I had quite the good post in mind, a nice little spot of erotica.

Then I ran into this, and it completely derailed my train of thought.
It horrified me altogether too much for me to think of getting off anymore.

We never expect to hear about children raping children, but this is certainly not the first time. This is not a crime that I will blame on the media. While it does influence some things, I do not feel that ANY amount of television, music, and video games could influence three young boys to rape a girl.

No, the influence here came from someone they knew. One of their fathers, perhaps. A scout leader. A teacher. Someone from the neighborhood. Any older boys they idolize. Perhaps they've watched one of these figures do it to someone else, perhaps they themselves have been sexually abused. One of the fathers seems quite intent on defending his son - Can we start the investigation there? Scary though it seems, this attack could have been thought out. Planned. An adult could have told them to. An adult could have told them to under threat of something they considered worse happening if they didn't.

Whatever the case, I don't believe that this group of young boys simply decided to rape a girl for a lark, and I don't believe this girl is just crying rape after feeling guilty.

Something smells funny about this and it's unsettling my stomach.