Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Days Of Letters - To A Stranger

When I read the first of Essin' Em's 30 Days Of Letters (Done before her by other bloggers whom I keep intending to read in length), I was intrigued. And now I'm giving it a go myself.

Dear Stranger,

Perhaps you read this blog. Perhaps you have seen me on the bus, in the club, out and about, or cavorting in a forum.

Perhaps you have your own preconceptions of who I am, perhaps I have my own preconceptions of you. We might be wrong, we might be right. I don’t know you, but I’m always open to making a new friend.

I am a strange person to get to know; shy at the start and stammering like a fool. I fear rejection, a long-held fear dating from being the odd kid out when I was much longer. Despite having been told so many times that I’m an awesome person to know, that clouds my courage when it comes to approaching and befriending people. When surrounded by strangers, I do my best to fade into the background and am always astounded when someone approaches me.

Would you approach me?

Stranger, please approach me. I cannot say if we’re likely to become friends, but I’m interested in who you are, in your thoughts on so many things.