Saturday, May 12, 2007

So hello...

Hi there, anyone who happens to be reading. Call me Gypsydoll, or Gypsy, or Doll. I'm not comfortable with giving out my name yet, even my first name, maybe it's a desire for privacy, although why I don't know since I am not a terribly private person.

This isn't my first blog; it isn't even the first blog I've managed to maintain AND reveal a lot of myself in, but it is the first one that I'll be nearly totally honest. No fudging the details, nothing left out.

So here goes. My online name here is given, my offline name starts with B and if you become a friend then you may call me that instead. I'm young, not illegal though - I'm quite legal, at least here in Alberta. I am a highly sexual person, and I will acknowledge that from the get-go. If you are uncomfortable with open, occasionally explicit sexuality, then here is what I have to say to you: GTFO of my blog. Sorry for the rudeness, but I frequently encounter rude, heartless opinions of my willingness to tell all - Although I don't mind being called a slut in the proper situation, there are so many situations where it is merely offensive.

However, I will now tell more about myself, and since I have started off with mention of my open sexuality, I will tell you more about that. I am a submissive first and foremost, with a decided obsession with recieving pain. I enjoy recieving spankings, whippings, cuts...I daresay I just plain enjoy being hurt. Unfortunately, finding a dominant is easier said than done, especially since so many I have known were in it simply because they wanted a willing, completely submissive slave - Which, although is something that turns me on, is not me. I tend to intentionally misbehave for the punishment, and nobody would know what to do with me! Quite frustrating, really. I may enjoy being yanked along on a chain, and serving, but serving doesn't mean I abandon any hope of getting the sound flogging I want!

Along with being struck, I have a hard love for bloodplay. I want to bleed and if possible I want my partner to bleed. I have no real preferences in relation to blood, aside from that I don't want to bleed excessively and there are some areas I feel uncomfortable with being cut. I am sure this holds just as true for many, and it applies nearly equally to my biting obsession.

I hold many fetishes, at the moment I mostly am preoccupied with whips, floggers, paddles...And shoes. I have a serious shoe and stocking fetish that can distract me at any moment, which serves quite distracting!

I'm openly bisexual, with multiple experiences and interests with girls, but nothing that quite fills what I want yet. On the girl front I'm looking out for a switch girl who's willing to be dominant sexually, but will let me keep my non-sexual dominance and who will let me let out my dom side in the bedroom occasionally.

Guys, I used to want constant domination from but I am gradually becoming more and more interested in dominating a guy, proof to my mind that I am becoming more and more of a switch the older I get and the more experience I have. At the same time, I have become more and more submissive - At the end of my last D/s relationship, my Master's voice alone could give me the urge to submit. I ended it because it was unhealthy for my psyche, seeing as he was an ex-boyfriend who had hurt me multiple times and had no remorse for it.

Speaking of guys, there's one in my life right now...I feel very deeply for him, but doesn't it just figure - He's like all guys, he doesn't tell me how he feels about me and leaves me confused. I've done a lot of crying about it recently, I'm trying to stop because it's life. If he doesn't want me then there are other fish in the sea who will...Still I feel like if I lose him I'm losing something really big...

Okay. Other stuff. Need to not think about my current relationship situation.

I live with my parents, and likely will for the next year. We have a cat who is entirely and completely psychotic.

I'm working on quitting smoking.

I also really lost my steam when I stopped talking about sex.

Well, I think I'll drop off now so that I actually have stuff left over to talk about in my next entry.

- Gypsy