Monday, August 6, 2007

Lucid Dreams #39

That there is an amazing, amazing, AMAZING vibrator. It takes AA batteries, which are easy to get ahold of and relatively inexpensive. The curves in it are designed for g-spot stimulation, but holding where the vibrations come from against my clit drives me just as crazy. As for g-spot stimulation, only my boyfriend does better. This vibe has made me scream and shudder and whimper and has coaxed genuine moans out of me (I'm usually a screamer, not a moaner).

However, be aware that the waterproof jelly attracts dust like woah. I have to clean this when I haven't even used it.

And I highly recommend using a lubricant with this toy, I don't get very wet outside so I need to add a bit of saliva into the mix to get it in. For some reason the jelly tends to make it difficult otherwise.

Overall, though, a kickass wonderful vibe.