Tuesday, June 5, 2007

To A Partner

Being whipped, spanked, beaten, slapped, pinched, scratched, bitten, dominated. Sucking cock with his hands on the back of my head, thrusting into my mouth - Please, master, let me fuck myself while I suck you? Hard, fast sex always hits g-spot for me, especially doggy-style or with my legs over his shoulders. But when he goes so slow I'm begging for it...Yes...That's so fucking good too.

Put your hand over my mouth to shut me up, expect me to bite it. I bite hard too. Sorry if I hurt you, but if you need to shut me up then you're doing something very, very right.

If there's blood then I don't mind. I really don't.

Tie me up. Render me immobile. Torment me until I'm begging for mercy, begging you to fuck me.

Dominate me and let out your sadistic side - I want it.