Monday, December 24, 2007

I am...

...A slut. I have one extensive sexual history, and I have put all the regrets behind me. I have learned that I have done nothing wrong by putting out.

...A kinkster. If it has to do with BDSM or one of my fetishes, I am nearly instantly dripping.

...A submissive. I obey my king, god, and master...When I want to.

...Disobedient. If I don't feel like being a good girl, nothing - Nothing! - will force me to do so. Not even a firm spanking, and considering he can really beat up a blush on my cheeks, that says something.

...A size queen. I admit it, horrifying though that humongous dildo is, it also fascinates the shit outta me and I'd love to try and take it all.

...A camera whore. Eventually, I shall prove this. Possibly this HNT. Mmkay? Mmkay.

...An insomniac. It's 5:16 in the morning. ><;

...An artist.

...A lover, a writer. A bitch, a daughter. Everything. Nothing.

A human being. Split me open, and you will find me as alive as you...


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Gypsy said...Reply to comment

Thank you very much =)