Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unholy Unvirgin

I am your holy virgin,
Be gentle all the time.
I am your holy virgin,
I'll blow your mind.

It is 12:49 in the morning. I face a massive obstacle of a disaster-area bedroom. I am also horny. Already having gotten myself off once, with average results, and a pulsating desire left in my mind and my clit. I need to tackle this disaster so that I can either go to sleep or go make tea, a sammich, and take a long, sensuality-restoring bath with two different vibrators before he gets home.


It's odd to call it home.

Especially when it looks like this:

I want to get this organized, and kinked up...

I want him to come home...

I want him to pin me to the bed and take what's his, every last bit of my body as his. I want a beating...Thorough beating...I want marks, I want teeth...I want him...

I am your holy virgin,
And if you touch me right,
I'll be your nasty virgin