Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Involvement In HNT

As you can see, I'm not terribly shy about so much of my body being visible - I've willingly given people links to my online albums of me being sexual, and, well, I just like showing my body. My lad has some (understandable) qualms about it at times...Usually which get eradicated after a good long talk. Given that topics of discussion have been how, in the past, I've looked seriously into escorting, stripping, and being an alt-porn model, by now he's fine with me being seen naked by other people. As long as he can maintain a stance of 'They can look, but if they touch you without my consent, then they're going to hurt'.

Fair enough in my eyes.


20-20Hindsight said...Reply to comment

I came across your FetLife page, and saw the link to your blog. Quite intriguing, I must say. And the picture is very nice.