Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Torrents Of Speech

Alrighty. So I have more to pour out of me and into the teacups of your eyes (That mental visual is thoroughly creepy, but...On with the textuality). If you're not in a reading mood, scroll down, my first HNT is there. Then come back and read.

First off, I joined FetLife a little over a week ago. So far, I am loving it! It's the first time I've been a member of a site that was so open and inviting and accepting of my kinks - Other than here in the blogsphere, but considering around here I'm like the wallflower in the corner (I'm shy, what can I say), most of my social networking sites offer very little for forums where I feel accepted and secure enough to say out loud 'I like being fisted / licking my lads feet / being treated so rough that if my friends from junior high could see me they'd think I was in an abusive relationship'. In other words, those sites? Better for keeping in touch with offline friends who, for the most part, don't know anything about my sex life (And with good reason!). Besides, my mother's on one of them. She doesn't want to know.

FetLife, on the other hand, gives me somewhere to list off all my kinks and interests, display photos that would get my account frozen on those other sites, talk to like minded people who are just as interested as I am in, well, everything I'm interested in.

A breath of fresh air for me.

In other news...

There was another attempt at fisting Sunday night. We're getting closer to success, but him trying so hard left me sore until this morning. Nothing like trying to do kegels and going 'AAGHMOTHERFUCKER'. At work. Luckily, nobody was in there trying to browse the vibes with me when I did that, although someone did come in right after I sat down to try to chase away the woozy feeling I get when I go without my pills and smoke, and jumping up didn't help either affliction.

It won't stop us though. I love that sensation too much, especially when he aims his fingers up and we can see it on my abdomen. That gave us quite the laugh! If I'm not having an orgasm, or on my way to it, I better be laughing - And that combined both. Yummy.

I'm determined, though, and if I have to find a willing ladyfriend to try, I will.

On Tuesday, during an uber-slow period at work, I went around and made a list of everything I want from there. I'll probably post it sometime tomorrow, possibly as a celebration should the lad manage to get the Iron Maiden tickets we're both pleading with the deities of Ticketmaster for.

Earlier I had a few celebratory orgasms for learning that NIN is coming to town this summer. I'll probably be going with Shy One, since the lad isn't too much into their more recent stuff.

I'm pondering some erotic photography, not just the random nudes I take now and again (Now and again? Who am I kidding? I've got an entire album on Private Photo Albums devoted to me being sexual and there's 71 pictures in that album), but something with a photographer that isn't the timer on my webcam and a bit of a different look to them.


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And we are definitely hoping to see more of you on the site... literally and figuratively! :-p