Monday, May 12, 2008

Another update.


It's been a bit of a while again.

I have some ranting, some raving, some depraved squealing...

First off, the creepy guy mentioned previously hasn't come back into the store, but lately I have grown convinced that there's a ghost of some sort at work. At first it was just a vague feeling, then I started hearing footsteps in the back on occasion, when nobody was there, then the bathroom door was closed with the light off when I left the door open with the light on, and I was working alone...And nobody had come in, not to mention we don't allow customers in the back ever. So that was odd, to say the least.

Faces in the mirrors that aren't mine. Twice, the settings on the thermostat have been different - And nobody changes those, ever.

And tonight I felt like something malevolent was watching me.

How malevolent? Well, let's just say I felt safer outside, on a street where only a few weeks ago an elderly man was stabbed in broad daylight, than inside the store. I'm going to keep working there - I grew up with spirits both peaceful and violent - but I'm getting a lot more wary of that place.

On a different note, and one that I've had more than one person evoke a need for me to state it -

Just because someone is submissive does not mean they are not possibly dangerous in non-sexual situations.

I am submissive (Well, mostly), I carry a knife and anything that can be sprayed in peoples eyes on me at all times. Out of all my friends, I have more sadistic torture ideas for enemies than the ones that identify as sadists, I'm more likely to do a horrible violence to people who are threatening me, and you don't want to piss me off in a mosh pit.

Some of the most submissive guys I know could, if they so desired, lay me flat on the ground with one punch. Some of the most dominant guys I know, I could sling over my shoulder and carry off into the sunset.

Your sexual preferences do not dictated and are not dictated by your physical stature, strength, or your mental well being. That nice, meek little thing could be a dominating sadist, a complete psychopath, both, neither. The same goes for the guy down the street who seems like the type to demand that you drop and give him twenty - He could, in his free time, like to be the one on HIS knees.

This community, as it is, should not be full of assumptions about each others proclivities. You don't know what lies beneath the clothing, whether it be an Armani suit, 'gangsta' wear, or full-body latex.

I had more I intended to talk about, but that's about all I'm going to type for now.



Jim Gagged said...Reply to comment

Now I'm going t be picturing random women in latex catsuits under their clothes. Damn you! lol