Sunday, June 29, 2008


So. Work.

I subbed at one of the other stores in the company yesterday, and it turned out part of my time there was spent under the regional sales manager. Who is one bump under the owner of the company in terms of power.

I went to work in professional-ish black pants, a black tank top under a black lace shirt with ruffles under a black button-up shirt, with black boots. This is what I wear every day, true, but the corporate dress code also, summarily, wants us to look like 'respectable ladies'. Now, never mind that I usually state 'I'm no lady, I'm a bitch' when my friends refer to me as a lady - I respect corporate code and don't want to be oggled by customers too much anyhow.

This woman comes to work, or at least was working yesterday, in a too-tight-tube-top that accentuated her rolls quite unflatteringly, with her wide bra straps fully visible, as well as the back strap, a tight white pleather belt with large gaudy buckle, and too-tight black pants, with flip-flops.

Everyone else in the company dresses in a mature, professional fashion... *Headdesk* Her attitude gets my goat as well, and my stomach hurt pretty much the entire time that I had to deal with her, and I now see why people quit because of her.

I needed tequila last night. I also cried from sheer hatred of this woman. I don't truly hate that often, but she's got it.

On the upside, that store has the pure wand from Njoy in stock and I am now in the process of puppy-dog-eyeing at the lad to see if he'll buy it for me. I wanted one before, now that I've held it in my hand and felt its heft, I want it yesterday.