Thursday, October 23, 2008

Half Nekkid Green Boots

On a steamy summer day, Lad, A (The vocalist for his band and like a little sister to both of us) and I went down to one of the most happening avenues in town, for no real reason really, I debated buying a hard copy of one of the ten bazillion D&D books i have on my hard drive, decided against it for the time being, and we trotted off to one of the goth shops.

They were having a sidewalk sale with everything outside being half-off.

And that's just where I spotted these - The last pair, for $30, in my size. A perfect fit, and I'd had my eye on them forever, but aside from my winter boots, which my mom paid for and are ridiculous in where they'll take me to the ground, I consider anything over $40 to be out of the question for boots.

And the second Holy Grail Of Boots of the year* was sitting within my grasp and within my budget. I'm no fool - I bought them and did a happy dance all the way to the bus.

I loves my neon green pvc Pleasers, and anyone that tries to get me to part with them shall meet a dire fate.

*The first was a pair of cute Demonia boots in Value Village, for $30, in my size. It has been a good year for my footwear.