Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things Are Looking Up - Well, Kind Of

Okay - First, an update on what's going on at work.

The first new girl pulled a no-call-no-show after being late for three out of four training sessions, so I got to keep my regularly scheduled hours, but we have a second new girl now, who actually managed to keep the job (Although my opinion of her ability to keep the merchandise fronted is low, and I'd like it if she would put some communication into the communication book. So, I'm back on Sunday-Monday-Tuesday shifts, but I don't mind as much because...

A) On my first Sunday shift in three months, we made over $900 dollars in sales. Most days we are lucky to haul in $300, some days we don't even get $50. Needless to say, while I detest hauling ass out of bed to go to work on Sundays, I am quite willing to do so if all the Sundays up to the holiday season are so busy.

B) The Lad and I have moved in with his family until spring, when the weather is warm again and we are ready to move. It's taken some adjusting, and means even less frequent sex, but so far so good. Plus, I am somewhat considering taking a week in the early spring to go visit my parents at last.

Our cat seems to have adapted by amping up the cute - We adapted to our cat being suddenly deposited in a household already holding four cats and two dogs by replacing his collar with a harness for ease of grabbing should we need to get him out of any situation.