Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ever More Updates

Things are getting brighter and better over here. Lad (Who incidentally is sleeping with his head in my lap as I type this - Awwwww) wound up breaking it off with the other girl. She accepted it relatively well, and no drama is good.

I finally updated my resume last night...Although it was just in time for me to wake up this morning with my period, general digestive system unrest, and a horribly scratchy throat all at once. Talk about a triple whammy. By next week I should be handing them out around town and hopefully someone will call me back for an interview. I can hope, right? *Big eyes* Riiiight? I'm hoping for Chapters, but right now I just plain need a job. I need income. I need...I need...I need french toast souffle.


I blame that on Friendly Hostility. I'm craving sweets something fierce right now, largely because of that.

I'm not doing such a great job of sticking to my resolutions so far, but that's my own damn fault.

Yesterday, in a moment of thoughtfulness while I was supposed to be finishing up my resume, I was contemplating exactly what this blog means to me now. I started out intending a sex blog, but it became much more to me. Sure, it's still largely a sex blog, even if I don't exactly follow much of the blogging community very well - Despite having a healthy list of bloggers that I read and check for updates daily, I have no blogroll. I participate in HNT sporadically, and even though sometimes there's a theme of some sort, I pretty much never follow theme. I just like to post naked photos of myself.

But sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Sometimes, my mind screams 'Do things the RIGHT way!', and then I get to sit myself down and remind myself that this is blogging on a personal level. I'm not trying to sell myself or anything else, I'm not doing anything but expressing myself. There is no right or wrong way.

Which makes it okay that I don't post much sexy lately (There's so much angst jam that the sexy sandwich bread is overwhelmed), and that for the past several months most of my posts have been work updates or mindless yelling. It's personal expression, I tell myself. I'm a blogger. Who gives a shit about the 'sex' prefix, I'm not a giant vagina posting my comings and goings, and if I was, the only people reading wouldn't be the kind of people I want to associate myself with. Except during my period, anyone that would read a vagina's rantings about bleeding profusely is my kind of person.

I'm not sure what I'm talking about anymore. All I know is that I was getting somewhere nice and deep, and then my brain went 'Depth? Hah! If I want depth give me pizza!'. I am going to take that as a sign that I should wrap up my ramblings and do something else for a bit.

I'll try to post more often...