Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picking Up

...A long time after having left off.

At some point, writers block hit hard for the sexy stuff - just as I thought I was over the worst of the depression and that drama was a non-issue, both started cropping up in spades.

Lad and I were having some pretty bad arguments, about piddly shit for the most part. All it took was a misunderstanding of tone for us to rip into each other. This lasted for a while, actually, but things are improving steadily now (I actually realized today that we haven't fought in over a month - YAY!). Our sex life dipped into an all-time low. My physical health was on a rollercoaster, and while some days I was happy, most days I just felt like crap.

Then the Other Girl started trying to re-connect with Steven. She attempted to convince him to hook up with her days before my birthday. Needless to say, I nearly had a coronary. He refused, and told her to screw off, but it hasn't deterred her any. If she keeps it up, I'm going to encourage him to report it to his managers as sexual harassment (They work at the same - huge - store). I'm doing my best to not interact with her, although I certainly don't hesitate to glare if I see her. He's mine.

Around July-August-ish we closed the relationship. At the time it was because we were still fighting too much, too often, so we decided to close it to focus on ourselves and each other. It worked. We haven't explicitly opened up again, but there's always the possibility. When we have a more defined timeline for moving out, we'll likely sit down and discuss it in detail. Define the rules clearly and, if we do re-open, spell them out in large print for any potential partners.

I'm still jobless, and not for lack of trying. I seem to hand in resumes left, right, and center...And get maybe one interview for all the effort. I'm grateful to be under Lad's healthcare, as it'll help pay for my synthroid and, come warm weather again, my epipen. I hate the emptiness in my bank account though, and I need to find a job.

Now that I'm back, I may finally build my blogroll. Take some new dirty photos. Get my mojo back. Because I'm not ready to be gone - I want to live and enjoy it.


Twisted said...Reply to comment

Welcome back!
Every time I see my ex's almost other-girl I get an adrenaline rush. I despise her so much.

and nice pic too :)