Sunday, January 3, 2010


Maybe I'm fucking crazy.

Maye I'm just fucking stupid.

But the spark is fading between Lad and I. Every day I realize that our hobbies and interests are getting more and more disparate. I hesitated a goddamn month to tell him that I started playing WoW. An online game. Because I thought he'd disapprove.

The trust is fading with the spark.

We had sex twice in 2009.

He says it's not me. Well, what else could it be? Twice in a year is more than just low libido. He wasn't ALWAYS stressed, I'm pretty sure.

I can't have sex once or twice a year. I go crazy without it.

Something's missing and I don't know how to fix it.


Snow Queen said...Reply to comment

Had this problem myself lately...despite the fact I have sex for money, it is not the same as sex with a partner.....and the man I have been with was not giving me it too often, I have a high libido and find it hard to live without.....I know it's a pain. I had another partner who towards the end of the relationship we had sex about once a month....

Gypsy said...Reply to comment

I wish my email alerts for comments actually come more often than when they want to, I would've replied a lot sooner than this.

It's definitely a pain. It's picking up again, and things are definitely getting better, but it's still aggravating at times to see him able to fall asleep when I'm sitting awake trying to deal with the overwhelming horny.