Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 Days Of Letters - To My Favourite Internet Friend

When I read the first of Essin' Em's 30 Days Of Letters (Done before her by other bloggers whom I keep intending to read in length), I was intrigued. And now I'm giving it a go myself.

Back in the day, on the HP Dialogue Center, I had a core group of excellent roleplayer friends. Of those, A is one that I've stayed in touch with, but Jewelsy has been the one who I've stayed in touch with constantly. She's easily one of my favourite people ever, never mind internet friend.

Dear Jewelsy,

Woman, the moment I am able to visit Washington state, I am coming to see you. Yes, I am. For five-six years (! That’s half a decade!) we’ve been roleplaying our brains out. We’ve got some of the most fucked up storylines I’ve seen so far. We always seem to be on the same wavelength. You were the first person I told about A, even before Steven, because I knew you’d understand. Back when I wanted to move to San Francisco, I wanted to ask you if you’d go with me, because you’re that fucking awesome.

I talk to you about everything. I trust you with everything. I curse the lack of teleportation that currently makes hangouts completely impossible.

I also have no idea how to express all the awesome I feel you are into one letter. You’re just awesome. Here’s to many years more of awesome roleplay whenever we have the chance.

Love ya