Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life update number twenty zillion.

So, amidst all these letters, I figured I ought to fill everyone in on the current state of my life, which is...

...Pretty damn good, actually.

Nearly two weeks ago now I moved out of my ex's family home and in with a group of my darling geeky friends. Our first order of business, after taking me to get my schooling ball rolling, was a trip to Calgary, where I had much fun and, on the final day, got the Thanksgiving dinner that I missed out on, as my ex's extended family chose to completely disinvite me from family gatherings. Which would be less offensive if they hadn't claimed to like me when he and I were together and if our breakup had been messy, but it was such an amicable split that when we were still living together but not in a relationship anymore we'd lie in bed and make fun of each other when our crushes made us blush.

Sadly, his family has for the most part made me a pariah anyhow. Because, of course, there's nothing worse than ending a relationship that the romantic love has completely left rather than lying to ourselves and being miserable. As I said to him on the final day, 'it has become rather evident that the only things I was regarded as being good for were menial labour, potential money, and shooting babies out'.

Hopefully he gets the fuck out of there in due time. He's a good guy, just not the right guy.

Anyhow, I'm optimally going back to school to finish my high school education this January, and I'm anticipating that quite eagerly.

Not really much of an offline sex life come lately. Plenty of online, though, and friends are trying to prod me into set-ups with their friends although I'm not sure how well those'll work. I've been out of the dating game for so long that I've sort of forgotten how to not completely scare off potential partners with my attitude towards sex/sexuality, among other things.

But everything is looking up, at least. I don't find myself laying in the dark, wondering whether I'm even worth anything. And that's the most important thing.