Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh, gypsy...

...Why art thou such a little size-obsessed girl?

In what goes in. It has to either be really fucking curved to stimulate the G or be really fucking thick. Those fist-shaped dildos by SquarePeg? Oh yeah. You want one. You want him more though. More than just two fingers, now. You want his whole hand at once. You want to feel that exquisite pressure driving you insane.

Greedy, greedy girl. You want to be stuffed full.

And you don't behave.

You whine about spankings - You don't get enough, you get too many, too hard, too soft...Can't you be satisfied?

No, no, of course not.

Maybe this is part of your streak of dominance. Oh, you're no switch, oh no. It doesn't work with you, for some reason. Unless if there are other switches out there that get off, actually get off, on seizing control for long enough to get a reaction out of your dominant, on moving from being spanked and yanked to pinning, biting, demanding within seconds with the same person...Without a struggle, none of the fight that you've seen some people eroticize...And then have your control taken away again, so easily sometimes, and with such regret other times...

Thinking about it gets you wet.

And you shoot off a text.

'I wish you were here right now'.

They escalate with the next one, with 'B) I'm in a really submissive pain-slut mood right now.'

And you kind of got distracted.

By your vibrator.

And two mindshaking orgasms later, you can't even remember what your train of thought was...