Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Days Of Letters - Someone Deceased

When I read the first of Essin' Em's 30 Days Of Letters (Done before her by other bloggers whom I keep intending to read in length), I was intrigued. And now I'm giving it a go myself.

Dear Grandma,

I was a shit when you died. Alright, I was a shit when all of you died. I spent the year or so beforehand resenting you for being so dependent on us, for the turmoil you spun us into.

And then I grew the fuck up and realized that we would have experienced that turmoil even if you hadn’t needed us so much.

I paid little attention when you talked about your youth, and I pay the price now. What little I know comes from Dad, snippets about an incredibly interesting woman. I would give an extremity to have you back, to record your life story.

I’m sorry Grandma. When you died, I had no idea what I was losing.

Now I know.