Monday, August 18, 2008

An update.

So, you've probably all noticed that lately it's for the most part been negative in this blog...Stress has been riding high, much to my aggravation.

I let that stress just lift today. Let it just rise off my shoulders. It's not going to help any. I'm sick of crying over stress.

And I'm letting the reason behind this lift off both of our shoulders, since it's just hurting both of us and frustrating us.

He's got a paying job again, as does Best Friend, we've got a lovely girl living with us as well who's working on getting a job, and we're making progress on finding a place, although time is ticking.

I need to eat better, but I'm doing my best.

Work is going well, and there is now porn being shot across the street, which will hopefully up the sales in our slow little store. After all, the fact that it's going on is no secret (The location was fairly well given in a newspaper article in one of the two major papers), so I imagine soon we'll have some looky-loos coming around, getting curious. And, well, more sales is good.

One of our regular customers that always kinda gave me the creeps before finally TALKED to me the other day, and now I don't mind when he comes in. I like it when my customers actually talk to me, and engage me in conversation - Then A), I don't want to just go back to my book / dinner, and B), making a sale is ten times easier since I feel much more inclined to recommend products and give advice to FRIENDLY people.

I discovered recently that one of our practically-vintage flavoured lubes has mineral oil as a second ingredient and almost lost my dinner on the floor. *Sigh* Ew.

I'm working on a compendium of what ingredients each of our lubes has, then I'll be moving on to the oils and bath products. Mostly so that I can offer it to any customers browsing with intent to buy, so that they can compare what has what and ensure they're not buying something they'd be allergic to (Case in point - Lad has allergies to both sunflower and safflower oil when they're on his skin, so any products with either are unfortunately only for me. We have learned both of those the hard way - Luckily, hopping in the shower and washing it right off with oatmeal body wash helped a lot). As well as avoiding anything that's just gross (I don't know how ANYONE can use Joy Jelly...).

After that, I'll be starting from one end and going to the other to gauge the strength and noise levels of every vibrator we carry, in a style much like Babeland, just printed on paper. Eventually I'll plug it all into the computer and arrange it in some semblence of order (Either alphabetically or by price range - Price range might work better, considering how many customers seem to be looking for the best thing for the least cost. *Rolls eyes* Because, of course, they simply can't put aside that money and save a bit more for the one they realllly want but is an oh-so-expensive twenty bucks more. Big words coming from the woman that keeps on saying she's going to buy a vibe that only costs thirty, but when you're paying rent, bills, groceries, and trying to move, money dissapears fast).

Essentially, yeah, I've got ambitions. Ambitions that will one day be printed out stylishly, dropped into a lovely pink binder to suit our stores decor, and kept within reach - Which will hopefully derive notice from the higher-ups, and maybe that will let them look past my dislike of upselling, since at least I'm going to TRY to give my utmost service to our customers. Now, if only I could watch the porn and review that in the book. Then the next time I'm asked for a good movie recommendation, I can actually give one - Instead of being tempted to tell them to go find free torrents, since then if it sucks your wallet doesn't feel sad. On the other hand, largely our porn seems to run towards the fake and the horribly unnattractive, so maybe I ought to be glad for the lack of viewing privileges. No need to waste my time on crap when I should be filling boxes.

But in any case, it's almost 1 in the morning and I ought to be in bed, not sitting on my arse in front of the laptop - I've got some interesting tales of work waiting, so I'll do my best to post those tomorrow evening.

- Gypsy