Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Self-Righteous Indignation

So, essentially, I am PISSED.

I got into work today to discover that, without any consultation with me as to whether or not it still works for me, I have been put back on my old hours, which is both dropping me back down to 15 hours a week (Five hours less than what I need for benefits, so there goes my employee motherfucking health insurance), and dragging my ass out of bed at 9 on Sundays, which I am PISSED OFF about.

Nobody even thought to give me a call to ask if I was still cool with working Sundays, which I am NOT. I enjoyed working Monday - Thursday and having a three day weekend, as opposed to Sunday - Tuesday and having to deal with the crappy public transit on Sundays.

I had heard of the company that owns us being bad at management before, but I didn't think they'd pull this shit. It may be time for me to start looking quite intently into a new job.

I love working there, but being enthralled by the new toys when new stock comes in and such is not outweighed by $300 per paycheck BEFORE deductions when we have to pay rent and bills and for groceries. Especially since we're moving and have to pay security deposit as well.

This is fucking ridiculous.